What is the Bespoke Study?

The Bespoke project is a collaboration between the research teams of the Orthopaedic and Emergency Departments of Barts Health NHS Trust, and with Barts Charity to explore bicycle related injuries in London. As researchers, we are committed to an entirely agnostic and neutral approach, allowing for the provision of accurate and unbiased evidence and informed decision-making by transport planners, local councils and healthcare policymakers. As people who ride bicycles, our ultimate aim is to make cycling in London safer for all.

With growing cycle use in London, researchers from the Orthopaedic and Emergency Departments of Barts Health NHS Trust have observed an increase in the number of cyclists who are being brought into the Accident and Emergency Departments having sustained injuries on London’s roads. Being involved in a bicycle accident can occasionally be fatal, but more often such incidents leave people with life changing injuries. The Bespoke team proposes to undertake a research study to gather high quality information about bicycle related injuries and then use this data to work with key stakeholders to improve London for cyclists.

In the medium term, the study will look at the circumstances surrounding accidents and the severity of injuries sustained by patients attending emergency departments, and explore how well patients recover from their injuries. The long term goal of Bespoke is to create a template for learning and understanding about how to make cycling safer across the UK.

To make the Bespoke project a success we need to work with the people who are most affected by the findings of our study: cyclists. You can find out more about how you can get involved here.

“The innovative Bespoke data project lead by researchers in London’s biggest Emergency Department is key to unlocking data which is currently lacking from the debate about cycle safety in London. I urge all London cyclists to get involved!” Jon Snow, presenter, journalist and cycling champion